About DCA

The DCA consists of several distinctive parts;​ each aimed at progressing and helping its members and establishing DCA as  China's leading association in terms of greenhouse (sector) development.

Representation & Promotion

The presentation and promotion of the many facets that horticulture encompasses will take shape within the Dezhou Horti Center.


The companies will be able to present their products and services through their exhibition stand, as well as having their staff present in their own offices. The staff is available to talk in-depth about their products and services when an interested party visits.

The DHC building will be a showcase where the latest horticultural technologies will be developed in the R&D segment, together with commercial parties and colleges/universities.


The knowledge and expertise that will be displayed by both the Dutch and Chinese parties will show visitors all of the possibilities that the Horti sector has to offer.

Acquisition agency

Acquisition has to result in an agreement with our costumer.


DCA is the representation of the whole chain, stands for the total project, but is not a legal identity which can contract for Chinese government-investor level projects.

Within DCA we have the expertise which solves this problem. Your company will have partnership with that tool and subsequently generate the position for being a contract partner on Chinese level.


DCA will actively acquire new greenhouse projects for its partnerships.

Acquisition in China is really different and will probably never be open for direct entrance of foreign companies neihter to allow them to be more in control of their name and quality. In DCA you have this position for Chinese market and to build out your branche.


The sales process which is often subject to many changes makes it a complex job. For this DCA has its acquisition office consisting of key figures who can function inside the networks and speak out on behalf of DCA.


Support to the acquisition office by the business office department is of great importance to be as successful as possible.

Project agency

The project office within DCA consists of experts either delegates from partners.


The knowledge and experience of the Dutch and Chinese partners are bundled within the office.


Regardless of the way in which projects must be offered, constructed or executed, three departments are put into operation within the project office;


  • The business office

  • The detail engineering office

  • The project management office

The project agency supports the acquisition agency on different level of gaining projects. Can be directly or by tender bids.

DCA use their resources to be fully accepted and invited for tenders.

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