DCA up and running

After completion of the DHC, it will take some time before the complete DCA is up and running.

Concentration of activities

Efficient planning for our Cluster Industry is in close cooperation with Dezhou Hi-Tech Development Zone.
The Dezhou Horti Center is located in the Center of the Zone next to the new Beijing University R&D Building.
The Horti Industry Park is only 2km from the DHC. First planned 2x10ha of the 4x10ha Demo-Commercial greenhouse is just around the corner. 
Hi-Tech Development Zone
Horti Industry Park
Dezhou Horti Center (DHC)
40ha Demo greenhouse

Phase 1 is the constructing of DHC which is in preparation for the start 2nd half 2020.

The industrial park will be shaped and be completed with ideas from the participation of DCA members.


Building investments are on behalf of the Chinese side. Optimizing the park in overlapping disciplines will result in an attractive cost price for our joint project selling.


DCA's localization partner will relieve Dutch companies of the procedures and administrative obligations that apply in Dezhou and China. Giving priority to core business is important to maintain focus and to keep speed of developments.

The first 20ha of the total 40ha Demo-Commercial greenhouse is the starting base of professional cooperation with experienced growsupport from The Netherlands and to let our trained and educated students flow in at the highest level to improve themselves.


The responsibility for continuity in the supply of qualified personnel lies with DCA collaborations.

The responsibility for developing modern horticulture lies with Dezhou, Shandong and China in general.


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