DCA  Assets

DCA will operate throughout China in its goal to acquire new greenhouse projects for its participating members. The main customer base in China lies within the governments, usually at provincial level but also at local level. Due to the scale of their requirements, not many companies are able (and moreover, willing) to commit their capacity to building these large projects. Having an association where manufacturers are present who can produce each individual component and has a very high build-capacity, will be very well received in the targeted market.

Assets of DCA

Capacity increase

Investment potential with the right balance in making Dezhou a second home base for our Dutch horticulture industry in structural cooperation with the Chinese industry. Increasing capacity as a condition to actually make a difference in the current market and to be the tangible difference for China can bring us together to a higher level to embark on developments.

Business position

DCA and its Chinese initiators have laid the foundation for DCA's Dutch Partners a position with better control in their steps and presence in China. More freedom of action, more influence on own product applications and name. Simply because the Dutch companies are in the middle of it standing together in the DCA. 

And as part of DCA you may be even more important than other Chinese companies in our specialty called Modern Horticulture.

In contradiction with other Countries the Dutch greenhouse builders are first and then Dutch manufacturing industry follows. But in China the Dutch greenhouse builders are not fully welcome, only supply a part and no position. More reason to change our approach....1st start manufacturing industry  step by step, create our position and 2nd involve our Dutch builders and make their position possible in Dezhou for China.

Lower costprice

Producing more locally reduces costs. The struggle for Chinese investors between importing or opting for other quality locally is in the background. Less logistical costs, shorter delivery time, no uncertain import duties makes the choice easy. From Dezhou highest quality at a competitive price. DCA will prove to be the best choice on many fronts in realism.

Best China has to offer

In practical terms, DCA has the best opportunities to be the guiding object for reforming the horticultural industry in all its branches on Chinese territory. DCA is responsible for organizing the investment that leads to a concrete leading Cluster in Dezhou which is the highest attainable for China. DCA will quickly distinguish itself positively and take its place in China

Secure export position

DCA in the wished composition, settled in Dezhou,  will create beside being a major player for local market become a very strong exporter from out China in time. 

Leadership in horticulture field world wide will be by Dutch Chinese Association in future. With all resources concentrated in the Cluster.

Standard & Innovation

From the Dutch Standard, a Chinese standard will have to be designed. DCA want to take the lead in this and form in structural way the Chinese Standard. For this DCA will also use the innovative power that is available in China. Partnerships that have the same interests can effectively scale up for innovation. New and different technologies will come into play for horticulture in China.


DCA is a newly designed horticulture industry model and can be set up more flexibly in which innovation plays a key role.

How DCA is formed

Dezhou has correctly interpreted that a solid backbone for creating a Horti Industry in China needs real steps first. They underwrite this by supporting this new development and understand the importance and viability of a DCA association. For this reason the parties collaborate and will work more intensively in future are;

  • Dezhou Prefecture Government

  • Dezhou Hi-Tech Development Zone Commission

  • DCA Board and Members

Reference base

Dezhou has found out that partnerships and Dutch Chinese cooperation need a physical base for steps in future. For this reason they are in first row to support and initiate ;

Dezhou Horti Center
Industry Localization Zone

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