Dezhou found out why they want to be the backbone for welcome and support Dutch Horticulture Industry. Being the only Chinese Local Government with experience in this field. Understanding the urge for Dezhou Perfecture and main vegetable province Shandong to set up a complete Modern Horticulture Industry to start creating the Chinese Standard. 

For this kind of new industry in China it is important that local Governments already have experience with Dutch Modern Greenhouse developments. Dezhou Prefecture has and is on big scale developing such greenhouses with the ambition to do lot more and bigger. A government knowing what is involved provides the facilities to succeed and has creative ideas to shape an effective model step by step.

To achieve this, a model has been set up in which structural adjustments can be made and it has been observed that Dutch Horticulture Industry must be more involved in working together locally to secure the horticulture position in Dezhou and Shandong for the long term, in fact both sides postitions. With the expected clustering and collaborations in the prepared platform Dezhou is ready for the start to become the Center of the Modern Horticulture Industry in China.

A more balanced guarantee model and basis for introducing beautiful projects and Creating the Chain with Dutch Partners.   

Logistical position

Dezhou is an important location for logistics. It's a supplier to Beijing and Shanghai. Convenient 

Current horticulture

Government relations. Dezhou has a lot to offer.

Dezhou Perfecture and Province Shandong want this industry landing in Dezhou. So preparations, support, investments and acting for that is their responsibility.

Investor relations & Financial Support

In the cooperation in Dezhou, there are Chinese partners who provide the necessary financial resources to achieve balanced joint ventures.


The implementation of the DCA initiative and the Cluster industry, additional construction and the continuation of new production units requires high investments and long-term commitment from cooperating parties.


Investors in DCA are an extension of the wishes at a higher level, active translators who want to play a pioneering role within DCA and act as a catalyst for the New Industry

Training Center in The Netherlands

Providing change with appropriate education and create continuity is of vital importance and development within our mission. Everything specially designed for horticulture. For the future, thousands of Chinese students will be prepared for working in horticulture.


In order to ensure an early start we open our training center first in Westland The old Demokwekerij. In here students are practically trained and then put to work in Dezhou in the DCA and subsequent commercial projects.


The total education plan for this specialization in the DCA and in collaboration with local schools both in Dezhou and in the Netherlands will be one of the pillars within DCA.

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