Dezhou, right in the heartland of 500 million people

The Dutch companies will need a physical place from which they can, jointly,  operate their joint business ventures. The DHC offers this, as well as support on setting up this venture. It will be easier for investors and interested parties to start a trading relationship after it is exactly clear what the companies can offer. This is best done through a demonstration area, where each company can showcase its products or services.






500+ million capita

Simple compare

To understand the scale of Dezhou and the potential to transform to Modern Horticulture in the region, some figures;


  • Surface land

  • Capita

  • Glass greenhouses Dutch style built

  • Glass greenhouses under construction

  • Solar greenhouses

  • Multispan greenhouses and plastic tunnels

156.700 km2​

100 million

approx. 25 ha

approx. 45 ha

300.000 ha

675.000 ha

Dezhou Perfecture

10.356 km2​

6 million

approx. 24 ha

approx. 45 ha

23.000 ha

50.000 ha

The Netherlands

34.065 km2​

17 million

approx. 10.000 ha **

renovate and new

0,03 ha

50 ha

** about 5.000 ha for vegetable production, others for soft fruit, ornamentals and flowers

Notice that above indication only concerns Shandong Province as being known as the vegetables producing province of China. Neighbor Provinces in our action radius are also agricultural orientated. They are all producing food for the region around and between Beijing and Shanghai.

More information about Dezhou

More information about Dezhou can be found at internet. If particular information is wished we can arrange it.

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