Why DSG is important for mutual succes
DSG on Dutch side

DSG on Dutch side is 

  • the project development company in China

  • the executor and facilitator for joint venture partner in the localization Zone of Dezhou, especially for the Dutch manufacturers.

The project developments initiated by Governments and investor parties are carried out by the members DCA. This gives partners influence and can make a useful contribution to the projects. DCA also takes care for governance and fair internal cooperations.

Partnership with DSG results in membership in DCA. And is the source for your Chinese business. DSG is in the Chinese system and so is your company.

Partnerships are based on joint ventures with jointly exposure to the market while maintaining your own identity. With respect for your share and spin of control but with the drive to expand for the huge market in China knowing your export position will also improve quickly. Even more if we have a big and diverse cluster.

DSG has investment partners to support model and invests for capacity increase in Dezhou Development Zone, Shandong, China.

DSG needs DCA. To succeed in it's project developments in China and to form the whole chain industry on Dutch level together.

Dutch horticulture Industry with the real wish to take a real position in China, in a cluster industry, better choose DCA to benefit more in China.

DSG on Chinese side

DSG on Chinese side is

  • the executor for Dezhou Horti Center project

  • the lead to settle high quality Dutch Level horticulture Industry for lower risk big scale horticultural projects in Dezhou

  • the organizer to make Dezhou the first and biggest centre of modern horticulture industry in China at a Dutch Level - with Dutch Industry cooperating with added value Chinese partners.

  • the trust partner for government to DCA members and support channel to this new Dutch-Chinese Cluster Industry.

Given the situation Chinese Governments can not be directly in business with the free market and requires lot of support to get this new system function for the big transformation form Old to New. They find in DSG their partner who understands better both sides and can point out what to provide in both interest.

The big plan behind developing the resources and the localization platform is to adress their investements for safe food production to a system which is more transparant and has proven players on highest level of industry. A model which can be roled out in China and Dezhou is the Centre. 

For practical matters DSG is the company arranging adminstrative obligations concern to be actual when companies has to settle and function on daily basis in Dezhou. Dutch companies must be unburden as much as possible from these administrations imposed by rules and laws. In the case of establishing joint ventures, tax matters, employee matters, support in general.

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