The Dutch Chinese Association (DCA) is an association of Dutch companies with Chinese market ambitions and Chinese companies with horticultural ambitions, working together to initiate and create a modern horticultural industry.


The DCA, and its participating members, will be housed in the Dezhou Horti Center (DHC). Each member will receive an office and a demonstration area, where the company’s story and products can be presented. For many Dutch companies, their office within the DHC will serve as their (first) foothold in China.

Our Goal

Main goal of the DCA is to develop a strong horticultural sector in Dezhou, Shandong, where each link in the whole horticultural Value Chain is represented (from seed to feed). Next to this, the DCA will be the main initiator in creating the Dezhou Horti Center, a horticultural meeting point where education, innovation, demonstration and promotion come together.​


The DCA setup will be organized by Dutch Greenhouse Operation Group (DGOG) and Hortitech, under guidance of Jörgen Kint and Peet van Adrichem, respectively.


DCA is set up to serve its members in terms of support and acquisition. An association of strong Chinese and Dutch companies, who represent the entire Value Chain,  will prove to be a better negotiation partner in the Chinese market than a company by itself.


The expected build time of the Dezhou Horti Center will be around 9 months. Construction will begin September 1st, 2019. Construction will be finished around June 2020.

Cluster industry

The DCA should, ideally in 1st phase, consist of around 30 Dutch companies and 40 Chinese companies, each with their own speciality in terms of greenhouse equipment production.

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