The following parties are at the bases of our organisation
Dezhou Perfecture Government

Dezhou Perfecture is the first place in Shandong China who initiated big greenhouse developments with Dutch technology. Like in Linyi and Lincheng. Their wish to bring this starting industry to a higher level with lowering costprice can only become true if Dutch industry is offered a real position in China. Experience and evaluation has determine this decision. 

This is really a big step forward for Chinese standards and has many potential.

DCA Board & Members

The organisation is to be completed by the DCA Board and Members. These Members are from Dutch side our partnerships.

The Dutch experience required for transformation of current Chinese agriculture is with DCA inside the organisation capable to make the difference. 

On the other hand our value added Chinese members in DCA and the provisions made by Chinese input will speed up our mutual capacities and connect us to project developments in more easy way. 

Dezhou Hi-Tech Development Zone Commission

Dezhou Hi-Tech Development Zone Commission acts under Dezhou Government. They are the development department for the New Industry Zone in which the Cluster is to be settled. This means for our Dutch partners a lot of support and unburdening  

Shandong Dutch Standard Greenhouse Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd

DSG is a key tool and backbone for the Dutch and Chinese in developments in Modern Agriculture in China. DSG represents two essential mainstreams to support and is the motor in the system. 

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