Partner types

DCA is more than just a cluster industry. The initiatives in project developments are based on a basis with a uniform message and support. To allow DCA to do this properly, every DCA partner has added value. Everyone forms a link in the chain and reinforces each other. The market and projects in China are too large to be filled in from various identities.


These are basically our partner profiles.

Strategic partners
Industry partners
Business partners
Location partners
Media partners
Knowledge partners
Supporting partners

As soon as the DCA is allowed to make public its partners they will be listed below. We act carefully with candidates. Even when they want to exchange ideas with DCA in an exploratory phase.


All this in respect to the desired start times of the DCA planned projects.

DCA will act by its own responsibility and prevent delays in case longer evaluation time is needed for those who don't decide in time.

DCA has projects in process to execute.

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