Strong Horti sector in China

The demand for newly built greenhouses in China is rising rapidly. This demand is mostly driven by investors, who see good ROIs. In order for these investors to commit to these new greenhouse projects, they need to be certain of those ROIs, which is usually done by having the construction companies offering production guarantees. Single companies have difficulties with those guarantees. Within DCA, we can offer the whole building spectrum, operational set up and post-harvest activities, which is required for building and operating a greenhouse.

One of the main differences between conventional greenhouse building projects and Chinese greenhouse building projects, is the sheer size of these projects. Relevant offers need to be made to those parties who tender out these very large greenhouse projects. Individual companies struggle to fill in these large offers, therefore an assocation of companies, which DCA represents, will have a higher chance of success.


Associations of all relevant companies makes it more clear for investors, DCA is a one stop shop where all of the necessary components are available.

The physical representation of this association will take place in the Dezhou Horti Center. This building will captivate its visitors (including potential investors in greenhouses) through demonstration, innovation, research and education. The Dezhou Horti Center needs to be market driven in how it is operated, by parties who have a vested interest in a fully functioning center. This will ensure the center always operates towards market needs and remains relevant.

Key performance indicators of a strong Horti sector

  • Effective and supported position

  • Safe & affordable food

  • High build capacity

  • Strong innovation & education infrastructure

  • Strong logistics, combined with a supportive and informed government on all levels

  • Complete and functional value chain (from seed to feed)

  • Transparent and open business

What is DCA offering to build this strong sector

Dezhou Horti Center 

Education - Promotion -Innovation - Research

Dezhou Horti Center is situated in the center of the new Development Zone in Dezhou City.

This Center includes education at multiple levels (from vocational to university) in co-operation with knowledge institutions.

The design of Dezhou Horti Center is by AAB International. They also design the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. 

Government relations

Government relations.  The local and provincial governments have put the development of the Dezhou Horti Sector as a spearhead. This means that companies will find it easy to join DCA and enjoy the benefits of this spearheaded sector.  

Dezhou Prefecture and Province Shandong want this industry landing in Dezhou. So preparations, support, investments and acting for that is their responsibility. MADE IN CHINA 2020?

Investor relations & Financial Support

In the assocation in Dezhou, there are Chinese partners who provide the necessary financial resources to achieve balanced joint ventures with their Dutch counterparts.

The implementation of DCA and the Cluster industry, which results in additional construction and the continuation of new production units, requires high investments and long-term commitment from both the Chinese and Dutch sides.

Training Center in The Netherlands

Management & Cultivation in Practise 

Training and teaching local Employees

Due to the enormous growth of the Horti sector in all of China, a high demand for skilled labour is has risen. Dutch input, led by Hortitech BV, is the driver and role model for setting up this educational infrastructure, which takes physical form in the DHC building.


In order to ensure a proper implementation of Dutch horticultural knowledge,  we have opened our training center first in Westland, at the location of the former Demokwekerij Westland. In here, students are practically trained. After training, these employees can go back to work in Dezhou in the DHC and subsequent DCA commercial projects.

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