Our Team

The Board of DCA will be expanded with more representatives, selecting form its member companies.

Chairman for China

Lei Xu

Chairman of DCA. Initiator and creator of DCA. Chairman of European Union of Shandong in Netherlands.

Director for Overseas Liaison of Foreign Affairs Office of Dezhou People’s Government.

Founder and Chairman of DSG in Dezhou, China.

Lei has introduced Dezhou in first to the Westland, helped two cities to set up twin city relationship, and brought the Westland and Companies to Dezhou for first projects.


Mr. Lei Xu is a real bridgemaker.    


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Chairman for The Netherlands

Peet van Adrichem


Chairman of DCA. Founder of Demokwekerij Westland, Initiator and head executor of constructing and operations of World Horti Center Naaldwijk.


Project director for DHC key plans

  • 1. Dezhou Horti Center (DHC)

  • 2. DHC - R&D greenhouse

  • 3. DHC - Nursery greenhouse

Peet is widely known as a valued innovator and visionary, even worldwide. A master in specific education models for improving horticultural skills of foreign students. Many students learned a lot at the first Demokwekerij in Westland, lead by Peet.  


A leading specialist in horticulture with a large network knowing how to connect companies and above all a man with a drive to really do something. We are proud to have him on our side.

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Vice Chairman - Secretary General

Jörgen Kint

Strategic partner for horticulture cooperation between China and The Netherlands. Founder of the localization platform for DSG Dutch Cluster Industry in Dezhou.

Pre-structuring  with local Chinese governments the mindset and prepare basics for the implimentation of DHC resources.

Trustperson of the Chinese Dutch connections from Dutch side.    

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